Parties, parking and policies

For the first 8 months or so of living here, we haven’t been able to enjoy the amenities as much as we would like, too many large parties and “guests”, that us residents couldn’t even enjoy it ourselves! Starbucks supplies were out a lot on weekends, parking has been horrible bc of excessive guests or overnight visitors. Now with the new management things are looking up!

I hope the owners give Amy and her team the support they need to make improvements. We just want a safe and classy place to live and to be able to actually enjoy the amenities, that’s why most of us chose this community. People just need to have more respect for the office and for their fellow residents.
Thank you Amy and team for trying to get this place in order! The last management company seemed to slip in this regard and things went downhill. As a community we all can do our part to help as well.