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    Review 1 of 8: Solé At Casselberry is like a Resort
    We moved in 2 months ago. The entire work team is very friendly. Mr. Kyle was a great help to us as he answered all the questions we had before, during and after filling out the application. Now that I live here I can say that I feel like I live in a resort permanently. All spaces clean, beautiful and well maintained. The maintenance team is attentive to any need that arises to take care of it. We love living at Solé At Casselberry. Thanks to the whole team for making it possible. Nos mudamos hace 2 meses. Todo el equipo de trabajo es muy amable. El Sr. Kyle fue de gran ayuda para que nosotros ya que nos atendió a todas las preguntas que teniamos antes, durante y después de llenar la aplicación. Ahora que vivo aqui puedo decir que me siento como que si vivieran en un resort de manera permanente. Todos los espacios limpios, bonitos y bien cuidados. El equipo de mantenimiento está atento a cualquier necesidad que se presente para atenderla.Amamos vivir en Solé At Casselberry. Gracias a todo el equipo por hacerlo posible.
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    Review 2 of 8: Excellent service
    The staff is excellent.
  • 97.14% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 3 of 8: Beautiful place
    My boyfriend and I just moved in here and we love it so much! The kitchen is huge with new appliances which is exactly what we wanted. The gym is fantastic as well as the pool. Carobi was also a huge help!
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    Review 4 of 8: Great place to live
    We moved here 2 years ago. When they sold the property (from Bainbridge to Sole) it was a bumpy ride, since the manager in those days wasn't the best. But the new manager Twyla and the new maintenance manager Denis are doing a great job, everything is back to normal. They come in and fix everything you need in the apartments, for example I was having such a humid air and in one afternoon Denis got it fix for us. The staff in the office is awesome, maintenance staff is awesome too. They are a great team! We are really happy that everything is working so nicely.
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    Review 5 of 8: I recommend
    I love living here its clean it feels like a resort my family loves coming over to swim my apartmemt is beautiful I love showing it off but the only thing that makes it a 4 star is the thin walls you and living in the first floor our upstairs neighbors seem to have heavy feet only at night starting at 10 and it sucks but other than that I love it here
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    Review 6 of 8: I love it here
    I've been living here since Bainbridge Casselberry and I just love it. The new staff is so friendly and sweet to me and my roomates. I could live here forever if I could LOL
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    Review 7 of 8: Parties, parking and policies
    For the first 8 months or so of living here, we haven't been able to enjoy the amenities as much as we would like, too many large parties and "guests", that us residents couldn't even enjoy it ourselves! Starbucks supplies were out a lot on weekends, parking has been horrible bc of excessive guests or overnight visitors. Now with the new management things are looking up! I hope the owners give Amy and her team the support they need to make improvements. We just want a safe and classy place to live and to be able to actually enjoy the amenities, that's why most of us chose this community. People just need to have more respect for the office and for their fellow residents. Thank you Amy and team for trying to get this place in order! The last management company seemed to slip in this regard and things went downhill. As a community we all can do our part to help as well.
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    Review 8 of 8: Unruly Residents
    I would like to know who runs this Community and I'm requesting that they come and visit on a Saturday to wirness these Parties and the multitude of guests they invite. Last Saturday Sylvia was disrespected by a Resident and her guests. She was even THREATENED!!! All of this occurred after Residents complained about the THREE parties and we couldn't use the Amenities we pay for. Loud music and a total of over 100 guests. We couldn't even utilize the Pool because there was absolutely no room for RESIDENTS!!!! The New Management Team should not be penalized because they do their job. If you had regular SECURITY around, they problems like homeless people sleeping in the Clubhouse, broken glass at the pool, party guests utilizing our Amenities and leaving a mess, people inviting guests to have dance classes in the virtual Gym, Outsiders jumping the fence day and night to use the Pool and etc. this Community would be so much better. Well that's what the Management Team is truly trying to do. Why wouldn't YOU as OWNERS not want to continue to have your INVESTMENT flourish??? Saturday was a nightmare and made me as well as other Residents feel like we were the guests!!! If the Coutesy Officer cannot be around to conrol things, then You the OWNERS need to remedy the situation instead of punishing Your Management Team!!! Sylvia is a wonderful person as is all Your Team. WHY DON'T YOU GET OFF YOUR CORPORATE BUTTS AND COME LOOK AT THE CAMERAS FROM LAST SATURDAY AND BACK YOUR STAFF UP. I tell you this as a Retired Law Enforcement Officer...Your Community is falling and soon it will look like a Glorified GHETTO!!!! Is this what Corporate WANTS???? Yes the Cops were called but that was after the African-American Female showed her butt and went after Sylvia. There are people who aren't renewing and havinf intentionally set out to SABOTAGE THE COMMUNITY!!! Why are you allowing them to succeed??? Give your team respect and stand with them because the have their work cut out for them. No one deserves to be treated the way I see them treated's a lot to swallow.. Stand by them to get this Community Right...We pay too much for nonsense. Furthermore, stop being what some of these residents write because most of it is lies!!! Sylvia was jumped on verbally and threatened by that Resident and her guests and then she went and wrote a letter on line full of lies...I tell YOU AGAIN COPORATE if you want to save you Investment you had BETTER get the Sabotage under Control before it's TOO LATE...I Love it here and would not like to leave BUT I WILL IF YOU CONTINUE TO ALLOW THE LOUD MUSIC AND PARTIES...I WILL NOT LIVE IN AN OVERPRICED GHETTO/PROJECT!!!